Important information for Twilio users

I received some important information from FrontlineSMS when using Twilio as an SMS gateway.  Be very careful when choosing keywords for subscription services.  See below for details. Dear Frontline User, We hope that your project has been running successfully so far! We just thought that it would be useful for you to know as you continue [...]

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“Making Our Own News” – Sharing Women’s Social Knowledge in Sri Lanka

FrontlineSMS has huge potential as a tool for news-sharing, and this user guest post shows an example of this from a women’s news network in Sri Lanka. By Ananda Galappatti, Minmini News Minmini News is a local SMS news service for women in the Batticaloa District of Eastern Sri Lanka. Batticaloa is the poorest district [...]

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Kio Kit brings mobile learning to Africa

The Kio Kit is a fascinating innovation that provides an integrated mobile learning package for African schools.  This is a compelling examples of what can be done with an inclusive innovation approach that involves users directly in the design process. While the immediate application is targeted to youth, there is clearly lots of potential for [...]

7 Reasons Why Farmers Do Not Use Market Price SMS Text Messages | ICT Works

This is an important reminder from ICT Works that SMS is not a silver bullet solution for all communication problems.  I'll need to have a closer look at the study on which it is based but lest we avoid jumping to a wrong-headed conclusion that SMS has no value to farmers.  Among other things, we don't [...]

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Saskatoon launches a mobile app for youth street outreach

Youth in Saskatoon have a new means to report incidents affecting them on the street.  The website and mobile app is a new initiative of the street outreach organization EGADZ, with additional funding from other organizations. The website describes the app's features: When in difficult situations it can be hard to ask for help. [...]

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